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When it comes to betting on major sports, most people think of football. However, baseball offers the greatest chance for the bettor. Because the National Pastime is easy handicapped, the reason for such a great payoff is obvious. Because baseball is a low-scoring game, most sportsbooks don’t use point spreads. It can take some time to get used to betting on baseball. There are three ways to place a bet on baseball: Totals, Money Lines and Run Lines. Let’s look at the basics behind betting on baseball. We will use an example between the New York Mets (left) and the St. Louis Cardinals (right).

Money Line Sportbooks do not use point spreads in baseball. They use a Money Line instead. Although the Money Line may seem complicated to a novice baseball gambler, soikeo it is easy to understand once you have learned the basics. The best thing about the Money Line is that the gambler doesn’t have to worry about picking who will win the game. There’s no need to bet on the winner and then lose on the spread. Let’s look at the Money Line for our hypothetical matchup between the Cardinals and Mets. This might be the Money Line for this match:

New York Mets +120

St. St.

In baseball, the Money Line has the minus sign while the underdog always has the plus sign. You will need to wager $100 on the Mets underdog team in order to win $120. To make $100, you can play the favorite by placing $130. This shows that betting on the underdog can give you a better chance of winning. This example takes the fear out betting on the Money Line. The Money Line is the most significant difference between betting on baseball and other sports such as football. The point spread means that betting on football can put your money at greater risk. The Money Line offers a lower payout but there are fewer variables to the bet.


You can play the totals by placing a bet on the total runs scored during the game. The bookmaker will place a wager on the total number of runs scored. This is also known as the “over/under” betting. The score of extra innings is included in betting totals. Run totals are largely determined by the performance of pitchers. To make the bet go ahead, both of the scheduled starting pitchers must play. If either of the scheduled starters does not play, the sportsbook will refund your wager. You must pay close attention to the starting pitchers if you are playing the totals. There are many styles of pitchers in the Majors. Some pitchers can give up runs but still win games, while others are more cautious. It is quite different to play totals than to bet the Money Line.

Run Lines

The baseball Run Lines bet is the same as betting on the spread in football. However, the Run Lines in each game are the same. The underdog is always +1.5, while the favored team is always at -1.5. For a bet to succeed, the favored team must win 2 runs. Betting Run Lines has become a popular way of making more money with favored teams. The payoff for betting on a heavy favorite team on the Money Line is often not very high. To win $100, you may need to place a $300 bet. Run Lines will pay more than $100, as the team that wins must win by at least two runs. These are Run Lines:

New York Mets (+1.5), -140

St. St.

The roles are almost reversed, with the Cardinals paying $120 for $100 bets and the Mets paying only $100 for $140 bets. The Mets are safer because they can lose but still make money. Run Line bets require that the scheduled pitchers start the game to allow Run Line bets progress.


The pitcher is the most important position in baseball. The Money Line is based on the number of starting pitchers. This is something that all of the sportsbooks know. Any pitching injuries or roster changes could cause the Money Line to change. You have several options when placing bets on the pitcher’s importance. You can also place a bet that only considers the “action.” Your bet will go down regardless of the pitching changes. Your bet will remain the same, although the payout could change due to changes in the pitchers. A bet placed based on the starting pitchers may be void if the starting lineup changes. You can also wager on one starter pitcher. You can bet on the Mets’ starting pitcher and the wager will still be valid even if he does not pitch.

Create a long-range plan

If you decide to bet on baseball, make sure to consider the following information and think about how long-term strategies will work. Your winnings and losses will change from one game to the next because the Money Line changes from one game to another. You need to have a plan in place for making a profit. Playing the favorite team means you are spending more money. To make up any losses, you must win at a higher percentage. You can make a profit betting on baseball by only placing your money on the underdog. To make your betting profitable, you should have a plan.

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